About us

Europe Textile & Tailoring is a creative uniform expert engaged in sewing Uniforms for offices, factories, organizations, colleges and also for promotional purposes. Europe Textile & Tailoring is based in State of Qatar and experienced manufacturing company.Our staff can assist you with design and prototypes and will help you choose materials, designs, and processes to make your uniforms fit into your needs. We can help you fine tune your design to best serve your purpose, as well as carry out reverse engineering on your samples, rebuilding them in the most effective and efficient way possible. Quality and customer satisfaction has made our presence felt in the industry and has created a brand name for us. Our quality control inspectors ensure that your product is just the way you want it regardless of the size of the job.

Europe Textile & Tailoring takes pride in our services in providing quality uniforms and everything we make is of the highest quality. Most significantly, every bit of our sewing and manufacturing is done in our own factory. Our designs, prototyping, assembly work and screen printing right here in the State of Qatar. In fact, we are a prime producer and a certified supplier of Uniforms.

You can trust Europe Textile & Tailoring that everything we make will meet or exceed your expectations. Our experts at Sewing Technology work with a wide variety of materials and threads to create every Uniform to give your company, organization or College its dignity. We undertake your large orders and our quality control process is second to none.

Message from CEO

We are launching a new website of Europe Textile & Tailoring which established in the State of Qatar in order to give requisite information of our company explaining the technology behind and opening the gateway for quality Uniforms.

It is required foresight and strategy to embark on a journey of success in any field. We have combined those qualities for the path of growth and it is vital to sewing Uniforms which has combined modern technology and new skills.

Europe Textile & Tailoring is a progressive and forward thinking organization dedicated to high standard of professionalism. We have initiated this website to facilitate our Clients and prospective Clients. I would like to welcome all of you who visit this website and hope you will find all the required information in this website.

"A Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step"


Europe Textile & Tailoring was set up with an objective to provide quality uniforms. We have grand vision about not only making uniforms a truly a world class uniforms, in terms of technical capability and modern facilities but also to help entrepreneurs to benefit from emerging trends. Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our dealings.


Our mission is to develop quality uniforms to reach international standards ensuring overall grooming of your staff, members or students. Europe Textile & Tailoring is equipped with modern facilities, state of the art sewing equipments. Our mission is unchanging and aspires to be the standard of excellence.